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The marketing of "risks and opportunities"

The risk :
Initially, when we bought a car it was a response to a need or a social status. Then it became a pleasure, a desire to assert oneself, a thirst for freedom.

Today, buying a car also means running multiple risks:
risking a fatal accident,
a conviction and imprisonment for a traffic offence ;
polluting the planet, invading pedestrian space in cities;
pay more taxes and unbalance its budget;
risk making a bad choice, a bad investment
find a parking space...
Consumers have changed, they have become more aware, more responsible, more vigilant and this new awareness comes with a new power that they have just conquered. In the future this will change their purchasing decisions even more.
Faced with a possible consumption "incident", they can now adopt excessive reactions, with very serious consequences for the brands involved (disappearance of the Spanghero brand in 2013).
The "arrangements" and trafficking in meat are numerous and repetitive (see previous article).
Other notions about risk :
In another area, even Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook (the idol of young people) saw his statue wobble and had to apologize for putting a few million Americans at risk of having their personal data hacked and for keeping traces of telephone communications from Australian Internet users.
A new European regulation (in force since May 25, 2018): the RGDP has come to regulate the processing of consumers' personal data, which can lead to fines of up to 4% of the turnover of offending brands.
A standard to avoid risks and enhance opportunities :
The new version of the ISO 9001 standard (an international quality standard) already asked to take into account the possible risks that could occur in an organization, a company to solve preventively the dissatisfactions of the customers, but also of the employees.

ISO 22000 standard
Iso 22000 standard
Risk appetite :
In short, our taste for risk in life now only manifests itself through certain television programs (well framed) and some extreme sports...accompanied by a whole support team. "Hello Adventure! »
As a matter of fact, Friends merchants and marketers, how can we protect ourselves against this new expectation, this requirement of consumers to become decisive when making a choice!
How to protect oneself from possible risks:
(this is a new company strategy to increase its notoriety and especially its competitiveness).
1°) Identify the main risks
Who can hit the "interested parties": (customers, employees, suppliers, partners) at the risk of dissatisfying them.
This must be done for each function, each workstation in contact with customers:
For example, by asking each person the question:
"How can I cause customer dissatisfaction? »
List them during brainstorming sessions for example.
2°) Classify the risks according to their possible consequences
In order to set priorities for action :
I (quality manager in a SME), I weighted the potential risks according to three criteria:
their causes, (Ishikawa way): human causes (3 points), due to a technical means (2 points) or a working method (1 point);
their criticality: without notable consequence (1 point), financial loss (2 points), loss of the client (5 points);
their probability of occurrence: occasional (1 point), probable (2 points) and certain (5 points).

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