The world has experience dramatic changes in the way people do Business, Collaborate, and simply live their day to- day lives. The evolution of remote- work and the increased focus on virtual experience are shifting the Marketing Industry as we kown it. This course is design to equip professionals with new  Marketing Tools to design innovatives marketing plan  and  successfull Marketing Strategies for compagnies and organizations in this Digital world.Because customers make or break a business, the human factor dominates marketing and sales more than any other area of business. This makes these areas the most exciting part of business to many people. But marketing and sales are also where business competition can be toughest.

Program Objectives

Everything you do as a manager comes down to the customer. All your work is for nothing if customers don’t buy what your business sells. People in marketing and sales spend their working lives focusing on the customer. Who is the customer? What does the customer want? What will the customer pay for it? When is the customer satisfied? Where can we find new customers? those few question this program will try to answer. So hang on as we charge into the battle for markets and the quest for customers.

Learning Methods
In this program, you will learn the fundamentals of marketing management and observe how those principles and fundamentals have been implemented successfully (and unsuccessfully) in the real world by reviewing variety of case studies, in class examples, in class discussions, and real world marketing problems. you will use these cases and examples to help us begin to practice thinking about marketing and with an eye toward extracting general principles that may be broadly applicable across other cases in the future.


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