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  • Start Date

    13 January, 2024

  • End Date

    15 June, 2024

EXECUTIVE ICE-MBA(USA)-International Executive Certification in Entrepreneurship & Managerial Business Administration

The EXECUTIVE ICE-MBA(USA) - is a Certification created and administered by the SCI Education USA. This Certification is designed to validate the mastery of Business Professional knowledge, skills, and abilities. The six-months programs are designed to equip Professionals with the tools they need to succeed in their respective Business fields and aim to provide practical experiences that will lend themselves to success in a highly competitive Global Market. The syllabus and subject combination is prepared after discussing with many real life American Millionaires with or without MBA. The objective is to create a generation of very successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who can help to improve the economy of their country, create jobs. 

  • EXECUTIVE ICE-MBA(USA)- Certification

 The ICE-MBA(USA)-  is designed to fit an age of globalization, constant disruptive changes and the steadily growing importance of Entrepreneurship in the field of Business Management. Taught in English over 6 months the Program aims at empowering Professionals with the core knowledge, competencies and skills that will prepare them for Entrepreneurship and a global management career rapidly evolving within the increasingly dynamic, complex and competitive international business environment.

  • Opportunities

 Furthermore, there is enhanced emphasis on becoming an entrepreneur, independent consultant & management executive in SCI training systems. Student on completion of the training is ready to undertake executive positions, consultant work or start their own business.

  • The Objectives of the Certification

This Certification is designed for senior professionals and Entrepreneurs who want to start their own Business or Execute Growth strategies and lead transformation. The program explores Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing and Finance knowledge which is crucial for companies. The key objective is to equip Professionals with basic tools that are useful for Business decisions as corporate Business Professionals.

  • Faculty Members

The SCI Education USA brings together a core teaching staff of leading specialists from around the world. Lecturers and trainers are chosen among academics, Business executives, CEOs, real Entrepreneurs, Business owners, international organizations officers thus offering a wealth of both academic and field expertise

  • Target Audience

  The ICEMBA(USA)-  targets mid/upper-level professionals who want to acquire the specific knowledge and skills to start their own Business or to work as Professional in any field of Business. We also encourage the local executives like doctors, engineer’s, lawyers or business executives, workers in private and public sector to attend this program that will help them to start one business in their own country.


  • Certification Curriculum

The EXECUTIVE  ICE-MBA(USA)-  Curriculum framework relies on the concept of “Starting your own Business Process”. it covers subjects like Entrepreneurship, Business Plan, and few other subjects. The Certification is designed to cover four (4) Certificates.

Certificate 1: Modern Entrepreneurship 

Certificate 2: Business Plan Writing

Certificate 3:  Entrepreneurial Marketing

Certificate 4 : Business Finance

Certificate 5: Business Management

Certificate6 : Business Negociation

  • The Training of the Certification

ICEMBA (USA)-l has some core subjects like Entrepreneurship and Business Plan and Business Management, those subjects should take more hours of training than other subjects, the hour range of training request for each subject is 20 hours depending on the subjects’ importance. We adjust the training assistance and interaction with student and instructors over weekend to help the workers in private and public sector to benefict of this program.

  • Reading Materials                                                                                                      

The syllabus for each subject is fully covered in the recommended reading book. SCI Education USA have recommended the books which cover all the syllabus to avoid confusion as to which books to read & also provide the table of content of the books which more or less cover the syllabus. The prescribed books contain more than necessary material and also many times contain advanced theoretical concepts. Some of these advanced academic information may not be necessary for the student now but may be useful in the future in his career as a reference book.

Students have to remember that this is an American programme and some concepts may not be explained in local book and also student may not receive American Business experience if they don’t read the recommended books.

Student can ask your local book seller to order the book for you or you can order the books from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble or any other internet store.

We don't support or advice any student to photo copy the recommended books and use though we are not legal bodies and have no authority to  check what the student do.

  •   Programme Duration

  ICEMBA(USA)-  Certification can be finished very quickly in by hard working student. The certification program can be studied and completed in short time and that is the ideal way to complete this program unless the life circumstances of the student don't allow him to do so. Therefore, the maximum duration of the Certification Programme is 6 months.

  • English Program

Along with the ICE-MBA(USA) Business Professional Program SCI Education USA offers a six(6) months English Program with the partnership of a third-party provider to improve students Business  English Level . Student are advised to complete A1, A2 and B1 level of this program before tacking the Final exam of the Certification.

  •   Methods of training

  ICEMBA(USA)  training adopts an approach that highlights experiential and collaborative learning, allowing participants to share knowledge and experiences and contribute dynamically to the learning process. This approach focuses on the learning needs, interest and expectations of the participants to ensure the relevance and retention of content and puts particular emphasis on the active participation of learners through practice-oriented learning activities. While delivering the modules, lecturers will devote particular attention to enduring: Interactivity; Participation; Links with practical examples; Links with real experiences.

With specific reference to the online component, modules are designed to foster synergies between theory and practice. Taking advantage of the opportunities of technology-enhanced learning, the learning materials are presented through various means, such as text, graphs, images and video material, which contribute to better retention and to enhance the learning process. In order to create collective knowledge and to facilitate interaction and experience sharing among participants, working groups and discussion forums are organized.

Throughout the programme students will be assisted by a tutor on a regular basis. As a rule of thumb the professor teaches different chapters in a recommended book with emphasis on concepts and applications and student  read  course materials  and summarize with notes, it is a good way of learning the subject online. The student is expected to know basic theory of each subject and its applications in real life. Student is also expected to know basic concepts & applications very well.

  • Certification Exams Recommendation

Please note many Exam questions are from the recommended books and students may not pass the Certification Exams if they don’t read the books. A reasonable degree of Business Professional knowledge, applied creativity and technical information is expected in the answers to score high ranks in the examination and pass the Certification Examination.

  • Examination Methods

 ICEMBA(USA)- Certification exam is composed of one final examination as an ONLINE PROCTORED EXAMS and conducted on a third-party Exams Platform. The final exam is tested by a 2hr written paper online.

The questions are practical questions &/ or questions which test concepts. Questions are essay type questions, short note questions, and MCQ questions, case studies, etc... A student is tested whether he has perceived theoretical basis to apply in practical life situations. The evaluation of each exam paper is carried out by third party examiners. If a student fails in any paper, he has to retake the paper as soon as possible by paying additional fees.

  •  Awarding ICE-MBA(USA)-Certification

At the end of the ICEMBA (USA) Programme, those students who have successfully passed all the required examinations with a minimum Score of 85%will be awarded a VERIFIED DIGITAL CERTIFICATE from SCI Education USA. Student can also get a HARD COPY CERTIFICATE at their own cost if they want to (Please check with SCI Education office).

  • Tuition fees

Tuition fees amount to differ from Country to country where this programme is implemented by third parties. Tuition fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

  • Entry Requirements
  • Hold at least a 3-year University Degree issued by an internationally recognized university plus a Practical experience
  • Full proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Computer literacy in standard software applications.
  • How to Apply ?

Our application process is 100% online. The SCI Education USA admissions team is ready and available to answer any questions you might have about the programmes or admissions process. For specific admissions requirements, tuition fees, please consult our admission office. Make sure to have your requirements ready before beginning the online application form. Applicants shall enter their application online, Applicants are strongly advised to carefully fill in all the compulsory fields, included the field devoted to any special the description. The fields that do not contain the information requested will not be considered valid.

  • Technical Requirements for online training

SCI Education USA recommends that all students use SCI Online learning Plateform to sign up for the training.

Basic systems requirements for using SCI Online Learning Plateform:

  • Good and Stable internet connexion
  • Good quality speakers and a microphone
  • a web cam or HD webcam
  • Minimum Technical Requirements

The SCI Education USA recommend the following as a minimum in hardware and software to be able to access the e-learning platform:

  • Platform: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP or superior; MacOS 9 or MacOS X; Linux
  • Hardware: 64 MB of RAM, 1 GB of free disk space
  • Software:
    - Adobe Acrobat Reader
    - Adobe Flash Player
    - Microsoft Office (Windows or Apple version) or Open Office
  • Browser : - Google Chrome 30.0 ; - Safari 6

- It works better with Firefox 25.0

  • Note that JavaScript, Cookies and Popups must be enabled
  • Modem : 56 K


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