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Education Beyond Education which creates Entrepreneurs, Managers & CEOs Worldwide!

Education beyond Education which creates Entrepreneurs, Managers and CEOs !


Raghu Savalgi - MD, PhD, MBA, APC (IT), LRCP, MRCS, FRCS

Hunterian Professor, Royal College of Surgeons, London (UK), Former Faculty, University of London (UK) and Yale University School of Medicine (USA), President SCI Education USA- University

The Society for Creative Innovations (SCI) is a federally registered legitimate organization in the United States of America dedicated for strategic training and curricula development. It is a private organization and believes that non-linear intelligence, applied creativity, entrepreneurship, practical aspects of business related sciences are the pillars of rapid self & social development, Therefore SCI Education (USA) develops curricula which impart such training on the platform of professional subjects like Business Management Sciences , Finance, Marketing & MBA at affordable costs. Life transformational training is the goal and not just bookish knowledge. Moreover, SCI Education USA has started the process of becoming a Private University in the United States of America.


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Education Beyond Education!

Be one of tomorrow Entrepreneur, Manager or Leader with SCI Programs !

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More than 10 years of experience in Training and Certifying Entrepreneurs, Managers & CEOs and Professionals in Private and Public Sectors in Africa!

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SCI EDUCATION USA Graduate Certifications convey practical tools for students to improve performance and skills in this highly competitive global marketplace


Business Finance is the raising and managing of funds by Companies. Planning, Analysis, and Control operations are responsibilities of the Financial Manager-


Everything you do as a manager comes down to the customer. All your work is for nothing if customers don’t buy what your Business sells.


Imagine an Army with no General , a team with no Coach, or a Nation with Leaders. How could the army beat the enemy ? How could the team win games ? How the nation avoid anarchy ?


A Project Management Generalist is someone who has broad general knowledge and skills in main areas of Project Management.

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