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Education Beyond Education which creates Entrepreneurs, Managers & CEOs Worldwide!

Education beyond Education which creates Entrepreneurs, Managers and CEOs !


Raghu Savalgi - MD, PhD, MBA, APC (IT), LRCP, MRCS, FRCS

Hunterian Professor, Royal College of Surgeons, London (UK), Former Faculty, University of London (UK) and Yale University School of Medicine (USA), President SCI Education USA- University

The Society for Creative Innovations (SCI) is a federally registered legitimate organization in the United States of America dedicated for strategic training and curricula development. It is a private organization and believes that non-linear intelligence, applied creativity, entrepreneurship, practical aspects of business related sciences are the pillars of rapid self & social development, Therefore SCI Education (USA) develops curricula which impart such training on the platform of professional subjects like Business Management Sciences , Finance, Marketing & MBA at affordable costs. Life transformational training is the goal and not just bookish knowledge. Moreover, SCI Education USA has started the process of becoming a Private University in the United States of America.


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More than 10 years of experience in Training and Certifying Entrepreneurs, Managers & CEOs

and Professionals in Private and Public Sectors in Africa!

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SCI EDUCATION USA Graduate Certifications convey practical tools for students to improve performance and skills in this highly competitive global marketplace


Everything you do as a manager comes down to the customer. All your work is for nothing if customers don’t buy what your Business sells.


Imagine an Army with no General , a team with no Coach, or a Nation with Leaders. How could the army beat the enemy ? How could the team win games ? How the nation avoid anarchy ?


A Project Management Generalist is someone who has broad general knowledge and skills in main areas of Project Management.


The Diploma program is designed for anyone in a position of influence in Private or Public Organizations who wants to strengthen their core leadership skills, innovation, Entrepreneurship & Impact.


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