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Education Beyond Education which creates Entrepreneurs, Managers & CEOs in Africa!

Alibaba’s Jack Ma’s lessons for African entrepreneurs

Motivation address from Jack Ma

Business Law Consultant

Graduation Ceremony backstages

The French biologist's opinion on the training

L'intelligence émotionnelle: quelle utilité dans l'entreprise?

Conférence organisée par le Coach Center - Développement Personnel & Professionnel des étudiants de Grenoble EM

Marketing Strategy: Philip Kotler on Marketing Strategy

Looking for a proven marketing strategy? Need to build a marketing strategy that works?

Michael E Porter's Diamond Model explains The Competitive Advantage of Nations

Harvard Professor Michael Porter discusses how to Align Strategy & Project Management

Official start of the IDE-MBA Executive (USA) Saturday, March 12, 2022

Impression of Mr. Sylla Yaya concerning the first module of the Executive program ICE-MBA (USA).

Impression of Mr. Gondo Sadia after the last session of the entrepreneurship module.

Official start of the Executive ICE-MBA (USA) February 12, 2022

Executive ICE-MBA (USA) Graduate