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Education Beyond Education which creates Entrepreneurs, Managers & CEOs Worldwide!

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  • Start Date

    14 October, 2023

  • End Date

    15 April, 2024

EXECUTIVE IDE- MBA(USA)- DIPLOMA in Entrepreneurship and Managerial Business Administration

The Diploma program is designed for anyone in a position of influence in Private or Public Organizations who wants to strengthen their core leadership skills, improving innovation, Entrepreneurship & Impact.  This Program will set you up with the skills, creative confidence, and networks needed to approach complex problems in a fast-changing world. Are you ready for the journey?

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Being en Entrepreneur differs sharply from being an administrator. An entrepreneur must create a business from scratch and with very limited ressources.
Risk management has become a topic of great concern to managers at all level in companies large and small. That's because organizations face more and more sere
Economic Intelligence (EI) aims to take advantage of this opportunity to develop better methods for the identification of relevant sources of information, the a
Financial management in a company is governed by the principle that it must protect the financial interests of the investors, shareholders, and ensure business
Strategic management is the planned use of a company's resources to reach its goals and objectives. Strategic management requires ongoing evaluation of internal