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Business Finance

Course Description

Money constantly flows through a company, and someone has to keep track of it. that is where Accountants are important fo the compagny. someone also has to make sure the compagny makes decisions that make money. That is where financial managers come in. Both Accountants and  Financial managers have special ways of analysisng the heath and growth of a compagny. They mainly uses Financial data and they present these data in financial statements. Financial Statements are the most important way you can understand and analyse a compagny. As a manager, you must understand these statements to know how your budgets, transactions, and decisions affect the company.

Course Objective

This course will teach you the basics of the three important financials statements such as the balance sheets, the income statements, and cashflow statements. But to really undertand a company, you must analyse its financial statements. in this course  you will learn basic financial statement analysis, how to look beyond the accountant values and relate them to one another so you can see into the company financial structure and performance.




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