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Business Management

Course Description

Today the quest  for better management practices continues with aa much intensity as ever. Business now occurs on a more international scale than in the past, so competition is toughter than ever. Customers around the world become more sophisticated and demanding with each passing year. Technology creates( and destroys) companies and even entire industries more quickly than ever. So managers fance challenges as great as or greater than they did in any other time. therefore, management skills ans tasks all have one purpose, to help manager get things done through others. Management theories and fads come and go. Most of the theories have something useful to say about management.

Course Objective

This course will teach students  the following main important subjects such as:

- The important of proper planning

- The  art of developing your decision-making skills

- the Art of communicating with your employees effectively

in addition, this course will show student how to use those skills to get things done.



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Type : Online

Duration : 4 Weeks

Language : English

Exam Type : Case Study

Certificate of Completion : Available

Status : Available