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Project Management Foundations

 Course Description

Generally, projects are undertaken because they are part of the plan to take the company to a new level of performance. Each year,  Companies and Organizations launch  projects involving millions of dollars in capital investment that provide significant opportunities  for project managers. the process and methods of projects management provide the structure, focus, flexibility, and control to help guide these significant investments to outstanding results, on time and within Budget.

This course describes how companies  build  projects  foundations and develop a new strategy to improve performance and how projects are often the vehicle for delevering that new strategy. it also describes the process and life-cycle phases of the project management and the successful  projects foundations techniques that experienced project managers utilize.

Course Objectives

This course aim to teach the participants: the important foundations areas  of project management:

  • The Project life cycle
  • THe Key knowledge areas of project management
  • How to link project to performance
  • Identifying and Analysing Stakeholders
  • Project Sucess Criteria
  • Managing Risks and Constraints




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Type : On Site

Duration : 2 Webinars

Language : English

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