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Project Monitoring and Controlling Techniques

Course Description

A good project Manager need to monitor and Control the work. Like the driver of a race car, the manager need to adjust it speed on the curves and compensate for the condition of the road. Control of a project starts with a detailed plan, good communication, and clear operating procedures that the manager developed for the project. To actually maintain that control control over time, the manager need to monitor and deal with changes, problems, and unexpected circumstances. this course show you how to compare the time, cost, and quality of your project at various points and then make adjustments to the activities, resources, and plan to keep things moving toward the ultimate goal. Finaly this course teaches you how to prepare the operations group for the final deliverables from your project.

Course Objective

this course will teach you:

How to Monitor and Control the Plan

How to prepare Operations for Success

How to develop a process to deal with project changes

How to Control quality during the project




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Type : On Site

Duration : 4 Weeks

Language : English

Exam Type : MCQ

Certificate of Completion : Not Available

Status : Available