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Mon, Aug 01, 2022 3:27 PM

Job Openings in:Health care, public health and development professionals

We are looking for experts with recent work experience in one or more of the following primary areas of expertise in Global Fund implementer countries:

  • HIV
  • TB
  • Malaria
  • Resilient and sustainable systems for health
  • Equity, human rights and gender equality, including community leadership
  • Health financing and sustainability
  • Pandemic preparedness and response

The Global Fund’s new strategy includes an evolving objective of contributing to pandemic preparedness and response. Consequently, the Global fund invites applications from candidates with expertise in pandemic preparedness who have an understanding of HIV, TB and malaria.

In addition to the core technical expertise in the above areas, the TRP also seeks individuals with cross-cutting experience in the following:

  • Program design, implementation and management of integrated, people-centered health services
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Innovative health approaches
  • Prevention from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment
  • Challenging operating environments

All applicants should be experts in their area and possess country-level experience in designing, implementing, managing, advising and/or assessing HIV, TB and malaria programs and/or broader public health and/or rights-based programs. The Global Fund looks for experience across a range of countries and implementation contexts, including challenging operating environments.

Applicants should have at least 10 years of relevant work experience and strong academic credentials, minimum of a master’s level degree or equivalent professional training or accreditation, related to at least one of these expertise areas.

The Global Fund is looking for candidates who reflect the diversity of gender, race, sexuality, disability, nationality and geographical regions of Global Fund implementer countries.


The work of the TRP includes in-depth review of complex technical and programmatic documents, as well as drafting detailed assessment and recommendations.

TRP candidates should have demonstrable experience, understanding, and knowledge of one or more of the following:

  • Latest scientific evidence, up-to-date international guidelines and normative guidance, including new developments, approaches and technologies for addressing HIV, TB or malaria.
  • Building people-centered, integrated resilient and sustainable systems for health, community systems strengthening; community-based and -led responses, and pandemic preparedness.
  • Gender equality, human rights and equity, including inequities related to race, ethnicity and indigenous background, engagement and leadership of most affected communities, notably people living with and/or affected by HIV, TB and/or malaria including programs for key and vulnerable populations.
  • Strengthening health policies, strategy, governance; planning and procurement capacity, storage and distribution; health product information systems implementation and use; national regulatory and quality assurance systems; avoidance, reduction and management of healthcare waste; and health product management financing and workforce capacity development.
  • Developing and review of costed and prioritized national strategic plans or investment cases, and experience in strategic investment for highest impact and sustainability in resource limited settings.
  • Sustainability and transition, value for money, innovative financing mechanisms, partnerships, health finance, and market-shaping, including models of payment for results.
  • Developing, implementing, managing, evaluating and/or reviewing programs at the country and/or regional level.

TRP candidates should be able to demonstrate that they have the skills, aptitude and experience to carry out the work of the TRP including:

  • Interpreting programmatic results building on previous programs and investments to inform strategic decision making, including assessing: strategic focus; appropriate mix of interventions and choices on prioritization for maximum impact in different contexts; program quality, effectiveness and efficiency; development of effective strategies to (i) address health and community systems and service delivery challenges, (ii) build sustainability and prepare for donor transition and (iii) improve yield in programmatic results.
  • Reviewing funding requests and associated documentation presented in English and communicating effectively in English, including writing review outcomes, presenting complex results, lessons learned and recommendations to key stakeholders including government, technical and development partners, community and civil society at national, regional and global levels.


Core competencies include:

  • An in-depth understanding of and personal commitment to the Global Fund principles, core values and mission
  • High-level judgment in complex situations
  • Recognized leader with capability of acting as a representative of a review panel in partnerships and governing bodies
  • Interpersonal skills, notably working respectfully with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Proven ability to work independently as well as in a multicultural team and understanding of cultural contexts, including in relation to racial, ethnic, or indigenous identities
  • Diplomatic, with policymaking and strategy skills
  • Proven communication skills, namely the ability to articulate and communicate complex results and lessons learned effectively to key Global Fund stakeholders
  • High ethical standards
  • Ability to adapt to changes
  • Strong analytical skills, including knowledge synthesis
  • Proven ability to translate evidence into policy


Annually, the TRP may convene up to 4 review meetings each over a period of 7 to 14 days; and meetings could be in-person in Geneva, Switzerland (requiring full day engagement) or remote (requiring half day engagement) over the meeting period. Following review meetings, whether in person or virtual, members also engage via email to finalize TRP review reports. In addition to review meetings, TRP members may also be called upon to provide inputs to the Global Fund in the context of TRP working groups.


The TRP is replenished every three years to align with the Global Fund’s three-year allocation periods. The recruitment and selection of TRP members is managed by the Global Fund Board’s Strategy Committee using an open, transparent, and criteria-based process, through a public call for applications. The selection process consists of the following steps: longlist screening, shortlisting panel reviews, and final decision by the Strategy Committee. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application in January 2023.


The Global Fund invites applications from experts worldwide. The following individuals are ineligible to apply:

  • Employees of the Global Fund Secretariat
  • Members of Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanisms

Members of the following Global Fund bodies will need to step down from their roles in these governance structures if selected to serve on the TRP:

  • Members of the Global Fund Board, including Alternates, Constituency Focal Points, and standing committee members, and individuals who participate in Board or Committee meetings as part of constituency delegations
  • Members of the Global Fund’s Strategy Committee or Grant Approvals Committees, including Alternates

Please note that employees of the Global Fund’s technical partners are eligible to apply to serve on the TRP. If selected to serve on the TRP, members will fill out an annual declaration of interest form and as needed will recuse themselves from reviewing funding requests where they have an actual or potential conflict of interest.


Apply for the Technical Review Panel HERE no later than Sunday 24 July 2022.

In exceptional circumstances only – for example, if you are unable to submit an online application due to limited internet connectivity – please download a copy of the application form available HERE and submit the completed form and your CV to [email protected] and [email protected].


The Global Fund was created in 2002 to raise, invest and manage funds to respond to three of the deadliest infectious diseases, HIV, TB and malaria.

The work of the Global Fund is based upon four principles – partnership, country-ownership, performance-based financing, and transparency – empowering implementers to lead the response to the three diseases, with support from a diverse range of partners in the health sector.

The Global Fund values and celebrates diversity and is committed to creating a working environment based on trust, mutual respect, dignity and equal opportunity in all its employment and management practices, policies, regulations and procedures.


To learn more about the TRP, please see:


The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was created to dramatically increase resources to fight three of the world’s most devastating diseases, and to direct those resources to areas of greatest need. As a partnership between governments, civil society, the private sector and affected communities, the Global Fund represents an innovative approach to international health financing. Global Fund’s General Principles The Global Fund was founded on a set of principles (these are fully described in the Global Fund’s Framework Document) that guides everything we do – from governance to grant-making: * Operate as a financial instrument, not an implementing entity. * Make available and leverage additional financial resources. * Support programs that reflect national ownership. * Operate in a balanced manner in terms of different regions, diseases and interventions. * Pursue an integrated and balanced approach to prevention and treatment. * Evaluate proposals through independent review processes. * Establish a simplified, rapid and innovative grant-making process and operate transparently, with accountability. Operate as a financial instrument, not an implementing entity. The Global Fund’s purpose is to attract, manage and disburse resources to fight AIDS, TB and malaria. We do not implement programs directly, relying instead on the knowledge of local experts. As a financing mechanism, the Global Fund works closely with other multilateral and bilateral organizations involved in health and development issues to ensure that newly funded programs are coordinated with existing ones. In many cases, these partners participate in local Country Coordinating Mechanisms, providing important technical assistance during the development of proposals and implementation of programs. The Global Fund is committed to relying on existing financial management, monitoring and reporting systems, where possible.

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