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Mon, Jul 04, 2022 10:55 AM


Project Management Generalist

A Project Management Generalist Generalist is someone who has broad general knowledge and skills in main areas of Project Management. A project management generalist is a practitioner who is able to do all the general tasks in the area of project management. Project Generalist who desire to do more than just survive their careers develop skill sets that are broad, deep and applicable to all projects. These skills traditionally include soft skills, technical skills and skills associated with subject matter expertise. In order to achieve project success beyond ‘getting it done,’ on time and under budget, the project management  Generalist had to be proficient in all main important areas of Project Management.

Programme Objectives

The PMG Programme aims to:

  •  Explains how to link projects to the business requirements that all project managers must satisfy. I’ll tell you what it means to be a project manager, and how to get started correctly so you can bring your project in on time and on budget. 
  • Presents techniques to start a project off on the right foot with a clear scope and a well-defined work plan.
  •  Explains the basic planning processes central to successful project management. You will learn how to define, schedule, and budget tasks using powerful charting and analysis tools that can help you plan projects of all sorts and sizes.
  • Presents proven techniques to transform the plan into action focused toward meeting the project’s business requirements with a motivated project team.
  • Present The Monitoring and Controlling Processes, talks about ways to monitor, track, and adjust each project so you can keep everything on schedule, within budget, and with the right quality.


The courses provide a balance of theoretical and practical analysis and include video chats offered by facilitators, individual study materials, and forums where the group discusses the subjects.

PMG (USA) is a blended Certification Programme; therefore, sessions follow the model of asynchronous learning, where participants have the flexibility to complete the reading of sessions in a giving time. In addition, there will be real-time seminars at the beginning of each course of the programme. Also, each course facilitator will organize a contact meeting during each course, to give the possibility for participants and facilitators to meet and interact in real-time. It is expected that participants take a minimum of 5-hours per week to complete all courses work

Completion requirements

Requirements to successfully conclude the Programme and obtain the PMG(USA) Certification:
1- Conclude all the courses and meet basic course requirements.
2- Pass Final Exams with a minimum Score 75/100

  Carreer Opportunities

  1.  Project Manager
  2.  Project Coordinator
  3.  Project Analyst
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
  5. Programme Director


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