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Business Analysis and Planning

Course Description

All the activities and tools covered in the program have to serve the larger needs of the company, All the jobs of Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and sales must be coordinated so they work together smoothly in the company. this calls for Strategic Business  Analysis and Planning. Managers need a Business analysis and a plan to build a framework for making good Business decisions. that strategic plan must relate to the major goals of the whole Company, and management decisions must serve those goals. Strategic Analysis and Planning typically involves five steps: 1- Define the company's goals, 2- Analyse the company's environment, 3- Consider the company ressouces.4- identify actions that will move the company toward its goals, 5- Implement the actions and monitor progress.

Course Objectives

This course explain to managers  the long- range strategic analysis and Planning, whichis usually just called Business Analysis and Planning. it tells manager why they need a strtegic plan and covers steps and techniques that will help managers to create one.

in this course student will learn:

- the role of strategic planning in the future of the company

- how to assess threats and opportunities

- Classical Business strategies and action steps.

No part of Business analysis and Planing is easy, but some guidelines, as well as tools and techniques, can help students in the process throughout this course.



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Type : Online

Duration : 4 Weeks

Language : English

Exam Type : MCQ

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