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Digital Marketing and Social Media

Course Description

The Internet has changed the game in Marketing in ways that few people foresaw even 10 years ago, and social media are close behind. both enable people to quickly and broadly share positive and negative experience they 've had with companies, products and services. Online reviews and ratings can make or break movies, books, restaurants, hotels, and a host of other products and services. .the Web and Social Media are transforming advertising and public relations and enabling companies and customers to communicate in new ways. thes response is continual evolution of your online strategy, along with dedication to your customer well-being.

Course Objectives

this course aims to teach student:

- the Digital Marketing Basic principles and rules

- How to advertise successfuly  on the majors social like, Facebook, youtube, instagram, etc..

- How to use Credit Cards for online Business activities.

The nature of the web give more flexibility and cost effective ways to advertise and  every company should to its best to actively advertise and sell online with social media platforms.



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