Mon, Feb 01, 2021 4:27 PM
How to Improve Your Business and Add Value for Your Customer

In this videoEntrepreneur Network partner Brian Tracy notes that some of the best ways to differentiate your business from its competitors include speed, surprise and concentration. In particular, improving your company's speed can be important because people perceive a correlation between a product's convenience and its value.

Wed, Jan 27, 2021 11:07 AM
The marketing of "risks and opportunities"

Avoiding risks, more than a new marketing (there are already many of them), it is rather a new concern, a new quality approach of the consumers themselves: namely not to run the slightest risk when making a purchase (health, environmental, societal, economic or simply consumer risk ...).

Mon, Jan 25, 2021 5:09 PM
World Bank Group Support for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Growth in any economy comes from (i) growth in inputs of production; (ii) improvements in the efficiency of allocation of inputs across economic activities; and (iii) innovation that creates new products, devises new uses for existing products, and increases the efficiency of input use.

Fri, Jan 22, 2021 12:36 PM
How is entrepreneurship different from business?

Clarifying the differences between business and entrepreneurship can be a challenging job. That does not necessarily mean differences don't exist. Quite opposite, they are very real and crucial, you just need to recognize them. Once you do, you are going to be able to distinguish these two very similar yet entirely different categories.


Mon, Feb 01, 2021 10:37 AM
Importance of Business ethics in an organization

Business Ethics Can Be Denoted As Written Or Unwritten Codes Of Morals, Values, And Principles

That governs actions and decisions in a company. In the business world, standards are set for determining good and bad behavior and decision-making. Business ethics is a broad topic, covering everything from corporate governance to corporate social responsibility.

Business ethics is a subjective term. However, it is easy to identify unethical business practices in an organization, such as employing child labor, taking bribes, or illegally using copyrighted materials.

When ethical guidelines are followed, trust is developed between the employees and management, as well as the public and the corporation. Thus, business ethics leads to a more productive workplace.

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 12:28 PM
How to Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses in Business

If you’re thinking about starting a business,identifying your strengths and your weaknesses isn’t just an exercise to make you feel good (or bad) about yourself. It’s a process that will allow you to understand how you can be most effective at what you do, and where you’ll need to improve if you want to be successful.

In this article, I’ll help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. To do so, I’ll walk you through creating some lists, talking to people you trust, taking a personality test, and trying new things.

Fri, Jan 29, 2021 10:26 AM
Expatriation: 60% of diaspora members would like to do business in Africa.

If they leave, it's for business. This is at least the conclusion of a recent study conducted among 800 members of the African diaspora on the professional attractiveness of the continent.

Mon, Jan 11, 2021 9:39 AM
The Difference Between Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Machine Learning & Deep Learning have become terms that are widely used in our business, with more and more applications. When we talk about Deep Learning, we are talking about algorithms capable of mimicking the actions of the human brain through neural networks, hence the term Artificial Intelligence. It is often explained that the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning lies in the fact that Machine Learning algorithms will process quantitative and structured data (numerical values), while Deep Learning algorithms will process unstructured data, such as sound, text, images. This being true, we explain here why this difference is real: Feature Extraction.

Tue, Dec 29, 2020 3:59 PM
22 Branches of Business Management
Tue, Dec 29, 2020 2:13 PM
How Entrepreneurs Are Transforming the Global Economy

Modern entrepreneurs are a powerful engine of economic growth.

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